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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Missing My Friends!!

Hello my friends. I just wanted to post real quick while I had a moment to let you all know that I miss seeing you on a regular basis. Lucie, Heidi, Kathy, Carmen, just to name a few of you. When you work as much as I have, it really makes you appreciate even the smallest moments when I get to visit with my girlfriends.
I hope you will come to the Croptoberfest so we can catch up and spend some fun girl-time together. I have heard from Carmen, Heidi and 5 others, but LUCIE>>>>>>>>>>>> I am counting on you too!! You ARE my best friend y'know!!
I love you all, even though I may not have said it lately. And I praise God for the amazing new friendships He has blessed me with Becky, Dannell, just to name a couple.
Have a great week, and just remember to be Thankful for the wonderful blessings, like being able to stay at home. Enjoy those moments as they go by so darn fast!
Blessings and Love,

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