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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trick-or-Treaters in Old Town

Hi girls!
I finally had some down time to update my blog. I am working today at the Baa Baa Sheepskins in Old Town. My schedule today is from 10:00-6:00. It has been pretty busy today as we had over 600 trick-or-treaters come by the store to get a candy stick from me. So, yes, I handed out over 600 candy sticks. I had been given 300 originally. Then I had to call the main store and have them bring me more. It was so cute, there was so many amazing and adorable costumes. I was tickled to see the adults dress up with their kids as well. I really enjoyed seeing their cute and sometimes very scary faces. God really has blessed us with the miracle of children hasn't He? I love them!
I hope the rest of you are enjoying your Saturday. My honey misses me, and that is a good thing. When I get home I get the joy of spending time with Mahalia and Oriana. Life cannot get any better than that!!
Much love, Deb

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Cool Beans! I bet it was fun!
I love see the kids too! Maddie IS Dorthy this yr, and decho is a dinosaur, Grant is afraid of decho in his!
lov ya