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Monday, September 8, 2008

Brookings Here I Come!!

Hello Eveyone!
Well, Officially tomorrow I start back to work. I will be working at my son's school doing yard duty. It will only be for 15.5 hours a week, but I am excited to be doing that until God brings something with more hours or more pay along.
Those of you who know me, know that I am a scrapbooking Consultant for Creative Memories. Scrapbooking is my first hobby and it is a business that I do and love. I love to show women how to bring out their creative sides even when they protest so much on how much it doesn't exist, but when they stand back and look at the finished product-they're hooked! I also am available to help people who want to just organize their photos. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! The ones that are in shoe boxes or in plastic bins in the garage. Creative Memories has a simple box that holds 2400 photos, and it only cost $35, plus you get my services for 3 hours where I come and help you arrange and organize them into the 12 categories that you create yourself. When you are finished, you feel so much better about knowing exactly where your photos are for each child, each event, etc., without having to look through tons of photo envelopes. If anyone is interested in this service, please let me know. Or if you just want to order the Power Sort Box (that's what we call it) I do have a web site listed on my blog) You can also call me at 707-725-2625 and I can answer any questions you have.
This next weekend I am fortunate to be going to a scrapbooking retreat up in Brookings Oregon. We have rented a beach house and we get to enjoy 3 wonderful days of relaxing and catching up on some long overdue scrapbooking. At least overdue on my part, my albums are quite behind.
I am so excited I have photos of our trip to Six Flags and I have more of my granddaughters that I have to get busy on.
I also just finished A Mile in My Flip Flops. I loved it!!! I am now reading Death of a Garage Sale Newbie by Sharon Dunn. You can see the picture and a link to her website on my blog as well.
Hope you all have a great week!
God's richest blessings**

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Hey Honey..
cant wait to go tomorrow!
Its been very over due..
It will be so Nice to Not have to Pump at thsi One,,,LOL!!

LOve ya roomie!