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Friday, July 15, 2011

June Bug by Chris Fabry-My Review

Back Cover Description:

June Bug believed everything her daddy told her. That is, until she walked into Wal-Mart and saw her face on a list of missing children. The discovery begins a quest for the truth about her father, the mother he rarely speaks about, and ultimately herself. A modern interpretation of Les Miserables, the story follows a dilapidated RV rambling cross-country with June Bug and her father, a man running from a haunted past. Forces beyond their control draw them back to Dogwood, West Virginia, down a winding path that will change their lives forever.

This book was very different from any book I have read before. It keeps you turning the pages just to see what is going to happen. Told from a child's perspective, it touches your heart from the beginning and bonds you with the characters right away. I thought as I was reading the story that I knew where it was going, what the secret was that her "daddy" was keeping from June Bug, but I was pleased to know I was wrong. I am glad it was not so predictable! As I read to the last page I found tears streaming down my face; mixed with emotions of happiness and sadness.
I definitely recommend this book, it is another one that I will not forget about.

1 comment:

Lucie said...

What an interesting topic - a missing child - and from a child't perspective, sounds great! Can't wait to read it Deborah.