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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life Happens

Hello my friends;
Well, July has sped by so fast. My little girl is already going back home to New York on Saturday. My heart is very heavy about that. But every visit is better than none at all.
My daughter Shelby will be due in September with her baby girl Faith Rene', and my daughter Ashley will be due in December with her son Jalen Marques. Wow! I am going to have so many grandkids and so fast! I don't know if my girls know what they are in for, but God planned each child and I am so excited for those little miracles that I am looking forward to loving them with all that I've got.
As for our Chick Lit Book Club. Lucie and I have decided to postpone a meeting until September. So for those of you who have not bought our current book, you still have time and won't miss out on anything. I for one, am glad as life has been so crazy for me that my reading has taken a back seat. I look forward to enjoying every page instead of racing through the book just to get it finished!
My Open Crop will be tomorrow night at 2227 Lee Ct. from 6-11:00. All are welcome! Just bring a snack to share! Time to get those photos into your albums! And have some great GIRLFRIEND time!

1 comment:

Becky said...

I will be so glad when summer is over and life will (not slow down) but become more routine. I hope that you are doing well. Love you, Becky