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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Blessings in My Life

Hello to you all!
I have to say I have had a very good weekend. Croptoberfest was a HUGE success. I had 8 customers attend. Thank you to each and everyone. You made my day, and I look forward to more fun times scrapbooking with you.
Today in church we were thanking God for the blessings in our life, we started with, our life; that it is not the same as it used to be-that we have changed (hopefully for the better). Then next for our husbands or wives that we have; or if you are not married, that God will bring to your life in the future, or if you are widowed, thanking God for the time that He allowed you to have with that person. Then we thanked God for our children; even the black sheep of pasture (ha!ha!) God has plans for them, and I will cling to that promise as long as I live. Lastly, we thanked God for our church; we are so blessed to belong to a wonderful church that has a pastor and ministry leaders that do care about us, that DO NOT claim to be perfect, but love us and when the storms of life come against us, they are there. I know in my life they have proven that.
But another thing I thank God for is YOU; my friends, I am so blessed to have so many flowers in the garden of friendship. You each are so special, and my life is full with the love and fun times I have with the moments that we share.
Have a wonderful week-there are some changes getting ready to take place in my life where I will actually be able to spend more time with my friends again. Especially my BFF Lucie. I missed you sooooo much yesterday. Get thee to the doctor!! Or I will take you there myself!!
Blessings and Love,

1 comment:

Lucie said...

Hello Deborah,

What a sweet post! I really missed being at Croptoberfest! I had all my things ready to go the night before too!! We will just have to get together and Scrap sometime.

Have a good week.