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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am so ashamed to have let so much time pass since my last post. I have been so very busy with our church ministry with Celebrate Recovery,which has been amazing, but it has left very little time for me to do things I used to do. I am becoming more organized since this New Year and will try to update my posts more regularly. I have been continuing to read, and I have so many books to write reviews for. The one I am writing for today is one I had the pleasure of receiving as a gift from Catherine Leggitt. We were honored to have her as our guest speaker at our Women's Retreat this past summer. What a treat that was!! Not only is she a talented author, but such a gifted speaker that connects so well with each woman right from the heart, no matter where you are in your walk of life! She is encouraging as she quotes scriptures from God's word and she also used a power point presentation from her own life that really touched our hearts. Catherine has a real talent that God has given her to remind women of all ages that we are created for a purpose and God is not finished with us yet. Catherine Leggitt has written three books in a series called "The Christine Sterling Mystery Trilogy", the first two I had not read yet. I approached her to let her know that my best friend and I have a Christian Women's book club and would love to review her book. I was thrilled when I received my copy in the mail. This book is called "Parrish the Thought". I was happy to know that I did not have to have read the other two in order to read this one, as it could be read as a stand alone. It would have been better so I could have gotten to know the character of Christine Sterling much better. I really enjoyed the characters in this story, I liked the way the author showed how the youth today react to the adults and vice versa. It is so true of life and I believe that with more communication and acceptance, there wouldn't be so many barriers between them. So many adults today forget what it was like to be young and have the stress and struggles along with the added family problems. I enjoyed the friendship Christine had with Zora Jane. She was a REAL friend, one who will tell here like it was and not apologize about it. She was the type of friend where the saying is true, "A true friend knows everything about you and loves you anyways!". I loved her boldness for Christ. It was refreshing and encouraging. We all need a friend like her. I got a laugh out of Christine's relationship with her husband, obviously after their many years of marriage, Jesse understands and tolerates his wife's behavior, but she definitely pushes the limits of sneakiness and manipulation. Relentless is an understatement when it comes to Christine, no matter how many times the detectives tell her to back off the case. Christine's character reminds me of a modern day Agatha Christie. I was happy with the way the story came together, it was unpredictable, and kept me guessing up until the reveal. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with some humor thrown in as well! Happy Reading! Deborah (Thanks again to Catherine Leggitt for a very special treat!)

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What a lovely blog! Thanks for the very kind words of appreciation, Deborah. It was a great pleasure and gift from God for me to come to your retreat. I was blessed.