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Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Selections Have Been Chosen

The Chick Lit Book club met this morning at Starbucks. The day was beautiful, but a little crisp outside, a perfect fall morning. The coffee was delicious as always and the pastries were calling my name.
It was great meeting and discussing our book of the month "Beach Dreams" by Trish Perry. I know some ladies were concerned that reading a book about the beach in the "fall" seemed out of sorts, but it turned out to be a GREAT HIT! And I for one can never get enough of the beach.
We are excited for the next book selections that have been chosen for the next couple of months. The holidays are coming swiftly upon us and it will be good to get into the spirit.
Lucie and I are announcing the book selections in advance so everyone can start shopping for their books now. I already have mine ordered and they are being shipped out to me. I am so excited.
Here is the list:
For November:
"Christmas At Harringtons" by Melody Carlson
For December:
"A Choice to Cherish" by Alan Maki
For January:
"Choosing to See" by Mary Beth Chapman
For February:
"Face Lift" by Leanna Ellis

Each of these books are available now, some are cheaper than others because some are new and some have just been released.
I am really excited about the next couple of months, I hope you all will feel the same after you check out the authors and the book selections!
God's blessings and Happy Reading**


Kathy Christensen said...

Sorry I missed the meeting; kids and sports, what can a mom do?
Thanks for getting the books on your blog so quick. I have ordered mine and managed to spend less than $40 on 4 books from thanks to the free super saver.

Lucie said...

Awww, Deb! I love your writing style! Good job! Thank you for all of your help.