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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Discovered Another Good Author

Hey Ladies-I was entering another contest-which I do on a daily basis now-thanks to my wonderful friend Lucie, I am now hooked. But it has paid off, I have won 2 great books now. I hope to win more. It gives me the opportunity to find new authors that I may not have heard about otherwise. So recently I was entering a contest on one of the sites and came across this book that sounds really good-I thought I would include a little detail about it so you could check it out for yourself. We may review it sometime you never know. Let me know if it interests you. I guess it is the 2nd book by Christa Parrish-her first one was titled "Daisy Chain". So here is some details about "Watch Over Me" "Her rescue might be the miracle they needed, things like this don't happen in Beck County. Deputy Benjamin Patil is the one to find the infant baby girl, abandoned in a field. As police work to identify the mother, Ben and his wife, Abbi, seem like the obvious couple to serve as foster parents. But the newborn's arrival open old wounds for Abbi and shines a harsh light on how much Ben has changed since a devastaing military tour. Their marriage teeters on the brink and now they must choose to reclaim what they once had or lose eachother forever."
Okay, I have entered the contest to win a copy of this book-I will let you know if I get it! I will keep posting about other good books I hear about. And great authors.
Have a great day everyone!

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