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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things are going great!

Hello Everyone!
Just checking in to see who has gotten their Book of the Month yet?! Mine just arrived on Monday so I have some crazy reading to time. But the book looks great. On Sharon K Souza's web page she even has a book trailer, and that really made me excited to read the book. This one is going to be a good one!
My new job is going great! I love it-learning new things, getting to know so many new and different personalities. And I am getting lots of practice on the WII, yes, I do get paid to play video games....can you imagine? But if that is what the consumer wants to do, then that is what I need to do with them. That is when we are at the center. When we are out at the gorgeous victorian houses in Ferndale cleaning that is another story. My job is definitetly interesting. And the consumers their inspire me-wow! That is all can say. Their determination, some of them, is enough to make me think again before I complain about things in my life again
God is good-in ALL things...we need to remember that!
Love and blessings to you**Deborah

1 comment:

Lucie said...

Hey Deborah!

You and I will hafta exchange stories!! I used to work with consumers, they can be the most loving and forgiving people on earth.

Take care