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Monday, January 27, 2014

Wishing on Buttercups (Love Blossoms in Oregon Series) by Miralee Ferrell

It has been too long since my last post. I have been reading, reading, reading! But I have not posted a review in so long! It is my great pleasure to make my first one for 2014 be for the very first author that ever agreed to do a speakerphone interview for our book club way back when we first began. That wonderful lady would be Miralee Ferrell. "Wishing on Buttercups" by Miralee Ferrell We were introduced to Beth in "Dandelions" as she came to the Boardinghouse with her Aunt Wilma. She seemed to be quiet but have a little mystery to her past that kept you wondering. Now in this sequel she is starts to reveal a little more about herself, but you still see that she keeps herself very guarded. We find out that she is quite talented as an artist, and is submitting her drawings to a magazine who wants to publish them. The only problem, she is submitting them under a different name. We also get better acquainted with Jeffrey, he comes to the Boardinghouse from the city as a writer. He is writing a story about the Boardinghouse set in Baker City and the people living there. He is drawn to Beth and as fate would have it the magazine has put his stories together with Beth's illustrations. This is only the beginning of how wonderful the tapestry of these lives are woven together. The story is beautiful and Miralee does a beautiful job of keeping you on the edge of your seat wanting you to keep turning page after page to see how the story ends. It is not predictable in the least, and that is refreshing. There are stories within the story, and I love that even more! I am looking forward to the 3rd book in this series! I highly recommend this book and the first one if you have not read it! Happy Reading* Deborah


Miralee Ferrell said...

Thank you so much for your lovely review, Deborah. I'm so glad you enjoyed the layering of the characters and their stories, and I hope your readers will enjoy it, as well.

Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

I enjoyed your review! This is a great series!