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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Facelift for March

With that I have your attention now?
That is actually the title of our book selection for March. Facelift by Leanna Ellis.
Here is a little about the book:

A ‘can do’ kind of woman, who runs her own business and raises her teenage daughter alone, takes into her home her ex-mother-in-law after a botched facelift. She turns Kaye’s world upside down. Kaye receives her own emotional facelift when she learns joy isn’t tacking on a happy face but relying on her sovereign God who has a plan for her life.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 26th-11:00 at Starbucks. Anyone is welcome-even if you have not read this book for the month, come join us and get in on the discussion. You can find out what the next book choice will be, purchase that book, start reading it and when you come to next month's meeting you will know what to expect. We are always taking new members!!!
Until we meet again**
Happy Reading

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Lucie said...

I really like your new blog design, very cute! I am also a follower I win? lol