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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reading, Living, Loving

Hello Ladies-hope everyone is doing well! I hope everyone has their book Miss Invisible and is already reading it. I am and I am enjoying it immensely. Very funny!!!
I have already received the other books for the next 2 months as well. I am not going to be caught getting the book 1 week before it is due to be read like the month before last. THAT is frustrating!!
Our kids just left from their visit here during Spring Break-they were here from New York. It was a short but very sweet visit-we made the very most of it-living every moment to the fullest. We took a trip down to Fort Bragg and enjoyed the town and sights down there-spent some good quality time with them. It was fun.
I hope you all love your kids while you have them, because they grow up so fast it blows me away, and saddens me more than I can express. But I am thankful that God has given us the time with our kids that He has because the long and short of it is they really belong to HIM right? Praise God!!
Blessings to you my friends**enjoy your book and see you at the next Chick Lit Book Club Meeting.

1 comment:

Lucie said...

Hey Deborah!

Thanks for stopping by our Chick Lit Book Club blog :-)

I posted about our next two books the very night of our last meeting on April 6th and I was so proud of myself for being "on top of things" but sadly no-one has made any comments on that post :-(